Place of Origin: American White Ash JAP
Type of species : American Hardwood
Species : White Ash

Brand Name: American Maple JAP
Type: Solid Wood Boards
Timber Type: Sawn timber Kiln Dry (KD)
Size: Random width and length
Thickness: 4/4 , 5/4 , 6/4 , 8/4 and more (inch)
Grade: #1 common , #2 common

Color: The heartwood is a light to medium brown color and sapwood tends to be a beige or light brown

Usage: Furniture, flooring, doors, architectural interiors, framing, kitchen cabinets, panels, tool handles, sports equipment and lathes.

Product Description
AMERICAN WHITE ASH – Fraxinus americana

American White Ash spread in parts of the Eastern America. The wood is recognized to be classified according to its growth area and marketed as North South ash and ash. The heartwood is a light to brown color medium. Sapwood can be very wide, and tends to be a beige or light brown; not always clearly or sharply demarcated from heartwood. White Ash has excellent shock resistance, it is one of the most commonly used hardwoods for tool handles in North America — particularly in shovels and hammers where toughness and impact resistance is important.

Physical & Mechanical Properties :
American Ash has a very good overall strength when compared the weight. This wood has good resistance to pressure, and good for curling using steam.
Produces good results with hand or machine tools. Responds well to steam bending. Glues, stains, and can be sanded, painted or colored to give a good final result. This wood is easy to dry with a little shrinkage, and good stability means there is little.
Rot Resistance:
American Ash is not resistant to pile weathering. Heartwood is quite resistant to preservation, and Sapwood is easily penetrated.