Place of Origin: Eastern United States
Type of species : American Hardwood
Species : White Oak

Brand Name: American White Oak JAP
Type: Solid Wood Boards
Timber Type: Sawn timber Kiln Dry (KD)
Size: Random width and length
Thickness: 4/4 , 5/4 , 6/4 , 8/4 and more (inch)
Grade: 1comm, 2comm

Color: Light to medium brown and more yellow in colour with the occasional pinkish hue

Usage: Construction, furniture, wood floors, joints architectural, exterior connections, frames, doors, kitchen cabinets, panels, train pads, wooden bridges, boatbuilding, barrels, veneer, etc.

Product Description
WHITE OAK – Quercus alba

White American Oak Widespread in the eastern US. White oak is similar in color and appearance to European oak. The American white oak sap is light and the pith is light brown to old. White oak has a straight vein with a medium to rough texture, and is wider than red oak. Therefore, white oak has more patterns. White oak tends to be consistent in color throughout the broad Northern and Southern ranges.

Physical & Mechanical Properties :
The wood is hard and heavy with curvature and strength medium solving, very good in bending with use steam. Good overall strength making it increasingly used by architects and designer in structural applications.

Produces good results with hand and machine tools, nailed and screwed properly, although pre-drilling is recommended. Its inherent ease varies, but this wood can painted and polished with a good finish.

Rot Resistance:
The heartwood is resistant to weathering, is very resistant to preservation, and has enough huts
resistant to preservation. Its natural resistance means that white oak pith can be used outside without preservation.